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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The WWPD Fellowship Podcast Episode 2

Episode II: The King's Soul Patch.
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In this episode the WWPD Fellowship starts off with a quick AAR of their recent Middle Earth adventures and introduces a new resource that will hopefully help gamers meet up on OCTGN. The bulk of this episode is spent gushing over the player cards from the brand new AP: The Nin-in-Eilph aka The Swan Fleet.

Make sure to check out our review of the Nin-in-Eilph as well!

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Monday, October 27, 2014

LotR: LCG Nin-in Eilph Adventure Pack Review - Part 1

I was shocked, shocked to find that my FLGS was able to stock the most recent release for the LotR:LCG on time. The Nin-in-Eilph is the fourth adventure pack to be released for the Ring-Maker cycle, and is a strong contender for the most unpronounceable title for a release. As with prior reviews, we will start by highlighting the new hero and some of the player cards before diving into the quest itself in Part 2.

So far this cycle has blessed players with a strong slate of heroes. The Voice of Isengard deluxe box gave us Eomer and Grima, both of whom are strong in their own way. They were followed by Celeborn in the Dunland Trap, which set the stage for the development of the entire Silvan trait. The Three Trials then gave us Idraen, who added some muscle to the Spirit sphere and also became a key player in location-control decks. The last release, Trouble in Tharbad, saw the debut of hero Haldir, who is getting better and better as the Silvan trait develops and players learn the best combos and heroes to pair him with.

Monday, October 20, 2014

The WWPD Fellowship Podcast Episode 1

Episode I: The Pilot.
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Steven, Parker, and Sierra talk about Fantasy Flight's Lord of the Rings LCG. In the pilot, the team goes over the game rules at a high level, and discusses what draws them to the game.

Check back for more episodes in the future! If you have any feedback for us, please click the "Discuss on our Forum" link on the bottom, and let us know what you thought!

FFG LOTR LCG Tutorial Videos

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Theme Decks in LotR: LCG - Part 1

The Lord of the Rings: LCG by Fantasy Flight Games is one of the newer card games on the market, having been around for "only" three-ish years. For a long time, players were limited in their deck construction possibilities by the small player card pool, which didn't leave a lot of options for players to defeat new scenarios. In fact, with rare exceptions, players would be handicapping themselves by sticking to certain themes.

Friday, October 10, 2014

The Lord of the Rings LCG: The Road Darkens Review - Part 1

"Faithless is he that says 'farewell' when the road darkens." - Gimli, The Fellowship of the Ring

Finally. LotR:LCG fans needn't wait any longer for the highly-anticipated deluxe box set The Road Darkens. This is a saga expansion, so unlike the normal releases for the LotR:LCG these cards and encounters follow the storyline from The Lord of the Rings. Anticipation has been high for this set, and there was no small measure of disappointment as the release was delayed further and further. But any ill will on this gamer's part has been washed away now that I actually have the cards in my hands.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Review: Sabre Squadron's 'Rapid Deployment' Modern Ruleset

Upholding the great Canadian tradition of 'breaking down' next to a Gasthaus for a Schnitzel and Bier! (or so I am told!)
SabreSquadron has a company-level ruleset in the works, and luckily, the 'beta' version if you will, is available by emailing them from this link:  
From their website:

SabreSquadron is a new venture aiming to bring 'Modern' warfare to your tabletop.
Modern warfare is possibly the most exciting and fastest-moving period to wargame. It has the most interesting equipment - familiar to us from the television news or even from first-hand experience - posing a range of threats that require thought and tactical skill to overcome. 

The period also gives us the chance to thrash out those “What ifs?” from potential international confrontations, as well as re-fighting actual conflicts. However, it is also the most difficult period to transfer to the table-top satisfactorily. This is mainly due to the complexity of contemporary weapons systems, and many players have been put off the era due to rules appearing complicated or – conversely - too abstract. At Sabresquadron we aim to represent modern combat by focusing on the five main elements of the period:

Speed - Speed of maneuver, speed of communications and speed of decision-making.

Lethality - If it can be seen it can be killed, but being seen doesn't mean it has to be hit.

Technology - Minor advantages can be significant, but one shouldn’t get bogged down with details.

People - Training and leadership are vital if any weapons are to be used effectively.

Position - Defenders will fire first but a static defense can be found and destroyed.'

Fellow Dice Devil Rob Kelly and I decided to give the 'Rapid Deployment' (aka basic playtest) rules a whirl, using my 15mm Soviet Tanks vs his Canadians (stationed in West Germany).  We played on an 8 foot table to take advantage of the unlimited range of the high caliber guns (which feels right in Moderns) and the large number of models we were using:
My whole force: 25+ tanks and 1 Motor Rifle unit in BTR's

Monday, October 6, 2014

Review: A Duel Betwixt Us

At Gen Con I managed to snag a copy of A Duel Betwixt Us from Game Salute. With cover art like this, how could I possibly turn it down? A Duel Betwixt Us is a two-player card game with a silly twist.

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