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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Behind Enemy Lines Episode 4

The Behind Enemy Lines team are back with all your gaming news delivered in their own special way! They even have a special guest!

Download the file here

Act 1 sees the guys going through n00b news, all the best tidbits they've gleaned from around the interwebs. Act 2 the guys talk about what's been happening at their local club with some short AAR action and a bit of fun. Act 3 is all about Kings of War, Mantic's fantasy battle system. Gameplay details, changes with the new version 2 rules hitting soon and....free stuff!!! Take a listen!

Friday, March 27, 2015

Interview with Artist Anthony Devine

Today we continue our series of artist interviews with Anthony Devine, whose work has been featured prominently in several recent LotR: LCG quests. The Fog on the Barrow Downs quest, in particular, has drawn praise from my player circle. 


In addition to his work on LotR projects, Anthony has also been conscripted into FFG's burgeoning Star Wars endeavors. He was gracious enough to answer a few basic questions that give some insight into the world of professional artistry.

What was your earliest introduction to Middle Earth? 

The films actually! I was more of a sci-fi nut growing up. I had heard about LOTR before the films came out, but only through what some of my friends had mentioned about the books. FFG doesn't have copyright permission to use New Line Cinemas 'version' of middle earth, so I need to use the books to reference when I'm painting. Irony!

Do you have a favorite character or setting from Middle Earth? 

Sean Bean ;)

And what's not to love?

How did you come to work on FFG's games? Was there an application/audition process?

No - I just emailed my portfolio at the time, which was only 4 or 5 pieces strong to [ed: redacted to keep this person from having their inbox flooded].  I got some work around 4 months later.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

LOTR LCG - Resource Smoothing: Heroes, Attachments, Allies, and Events!

By Grant "pfcamygrant" Ellis

Resource smoothing is the technique used to pay for events, allies, and attachments beyond the native sphere of a hero. A prime example of this is  Bifur, a Dwarf hero right out of Khazad-Dum with an innate ability to once per round add a resource to his pool as long as a hero is willing to give him one. With respect to the lore, many of the artifacts and items of legends were of great importance; they were held and passed from the greatest and valiant inhabitants of Middle-Earth and while seem may be less than impressed with their overall effects, we must remember that this is a game that comes down to a single phase; the value of a single resource is great. Thus the ability to add a sphere of influence is seen as rare and great. Likewise, fortuitous events that occur can turn the tide of a battle.

 If you are going to sacrifice a Hero slot to a character that can smooth resources, either innately or through Attachment effects, you have options. We have mentioned Bifur and his ability to add one resource to his pool. The Lore-sphere hero Elrond is capable of paying for allies of any sphere, and when his ring of power, Vilya, attaches to him he gains the Spirit Resource icon (and the ability to pay for cards at no cost when triggering the card effect). Likewise, Galadriel gains the Lore resource icon when her ring, Nenya, attaches to her. Aragorn (who comes in Leadership, Lore, Tactics, and Fellowship spheres) gains spheres through artifacts that pertain to him, such as the Ring of Barahir, Celebrian’s Stone, and The Sword That Was Broken. As an outlier, the Neutral Hero Gandalf can pay for the card on top of the deck (which he constantly has the ability to scry and manipulate through the use of his pipe) as if he has the icon of any sphere.  Some of the cons when using heroes in conjunction with unique attachments is the reliance on drawing the cards that enable the smoothing to occur.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Warhammer Conquest: A Tale of Two Tournaments

In the past few weeks, I've had the opportunity to play in two great Conquest tournaments! Let me preface this by saying my memory for how games went is pretty poor. So to all of my opponents - I am sorry if I got any details wrong! What I do remember is all of my games have been fun and all of my opponents have been very cool dudes.

Thanks to the aforementioned terrible memory, I will work backwards, starting with the most recent tournament! While my good friend Eric Lott and I were attending Cold Wars (a miniature wargaming convention), he randomly found that a game store just 9 miles away was running a Conquest tournament on Saturday. With our schedules miraculously clear we decided "Why not?"

March 7th at Six Feet Under Games in New Holland, PA
I took a Ragnar Deck shapred by the careful tutelage from the great Davis Kingsley (who took 2nd place at Worlds with a Cato deck). Listen to Davis' wise words on the excellent Conqast podcast.

Here is the deck I ran:

Army (32)

4x Blackmane Sentinel
3x Blood Angels Veterans
1x Daring Assault Squad
3x Eager Recruit
3x Honored Librarian
3x Iron Guard Recruits
3x Ratling Deadeye
3x Rogue Trader
3x Sanctioned Psyker
3x Tactical Squad Cardinis
3x Void Pirate

Attachment (4)
1x Frostfang
3x Promotion

Event (11)
2x Blackmane's Hunt
3x Crushing Blow
3x Drop Pod Assault
3x Indomitable

Support (3)
2x Catachan Outpost
1x Ragnar's Warcamp

Friday, March 20, 2015

Actions at One Episode II: The Warlord Review

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The whole gang is here to discuss the Warlords from the Core Set through Gift of the Ethereals. With so much ground to cover, the aim is to provide a high level look at the factions and their leaders for newer players. Check back for episode 3 as we start to get extra crunchy!

Want to join the conversation? Please sound off in the comments below, or let us know on our forum!

Android Netrunner: New Newb Revue Economy Study Corp Identities & Agenda

Cue the music!

Its the New Newb Revue-oo-oo...coming right at you!  

This time we continue our talk on Economy in Fantasy Flight Games' Android Netrunner, focusing on the Corps' Identities and Agenda through the Order and Chaos expansion.  In our first article, we laid out the basics and the follow on articles will cover the card types for the Corps and Runners.  Getting all of those into a single article would have made for a       L----O----N----G article and I was afraid that I might miss a key point or the reader might get lost in the verbiage.  The main focus of these articles is to share a little of what I have learned to hep the newer players understand a very key concept in the game.  Any comments from the higher skilled players are more than welcome, as I do not claim to know it all.  Now, let's dive in and start making you some cash and move from a Noob to Newb or better.
Show me the Muh-KNEEEE!!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Warhammer 40K Conquest: Store Championship Report

By Robert " Locker Wheelie" Shields


I entered the Warhammer 40K Conquest store championship at MTG Deals in San Gabriel, CA held on February 28, 2015 with a goal of winning a playmat. Having mostly played Chaos with Zarathur, I did not feel that deck was consistent enough in my hands to do it. I proceeded to work on a Dark Eldar deck after listening to some inspiring Conquest podcasts and internet research but felt I wasn't at the level of play required for such a deck. Needing something more conducive to my playing style and more importantly my ability, I set about building a Space Marine deck. Having built a Captain Cato Sicarius deck when I first started playing, there was now an option of going with Ragnar but after trying Ragnar, I quickly realized he’s not for me since I personally find his hunting ability somewhat of a mental distraction. Cato was my pick for the store championship at MTG Deals.

MTG Deals Massive Play Area

Deck Construction

I pulled out my Cato deck to see if it could be optimized based on the three expansions since I first constructed the deck. Understandably, not much loving for Space Marines in the expansions. I personally believe Cato has the best signature squad of all the Warlords. Fury of Sicarius can be used to eliminate powerful units and puts the fear of the Emperor in any opponent. Sicarius’s Chosen can move a pesky unit away from my Warlord's targeted battle planet or help with command, and most command related card tend to have only one health, a double whammy. The Tallassarian Tempest Blade is awesome and so is Cato’s Stronghold. I stuck to the old standbys for army units but did consider replacing the Blood Angels Veterans with White Scars Bikers, but I’m in the defense trumps offense side for Conquest. Currently, I only play with one of a unique unit most of the time since I have a magician’s like ability to shuffle a deck to where two unique units are consistently pulled together, so just one Veteran Brother Maxos. The attachments I chose were a given, Iron Halos and I believed three Promotions was the way to go to ensure command advantage and a shield, if needed. As far as Events go, the mighty Drop Pods with their hardly ever used two shields were in as well as Indomitables. I wanted something from the expansions included and only went with Crushing Blow, which turned out to be a great choice. I’m not a fan of supports since in the early game they can take up resources and a card spot that can possibly lead to losing some command phase initiative. Preferring a splash of Tau with Space Marines in order to help with command, I included Vash’ya Trailblazers with their two command icons and Mobile. Earth Caste Technician was also a must card for me to pull Iron Halos and the deadly Tallassarian Tempest Blade, and also Promotions if needed. I realize this deck doesn't have an abundance of attachments and I did whiff a few times in the tournament with the Technician.

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