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Friday, January 30, 2015

The Eagles are Coming (And Going)!

Some people love a deck where everything makes sense together, lore-wise. I do, too, but more satisfying to me is a deck where everything makes sense together mechanically.

Luckily, the eagles in The Lord of the Rings: LCG do both. I think we can skip the talk about the thematic relations in an eagle deck. Eagles make sense with other eagles. Cool. Moving on.
The mechanic, for me, that is the basis for an eagle deck, is that of allies (and even heroes!) leaving play. At times it seems counter-intuitive; putting an ally that you paid for with your hard-earned resources back into your hand voluntarily, or most of all letting one of your heroes die, but it’s sacrifices like this that really make an eagle deck…fly.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Napoleonic Battle French vs. Prussians - General de Brigade rules

By Joe Moore and Eric Lauterbach

 Friday we got together and played the General de Brigade rules for Napoleonics in 15mm with French and Prussians.  Joe's figures are painted for the 1813-1815 period and we conducted a French positional defense of a crossroads against a Prussian attack.  The French had a mix of four infantry battalions, two artillery batteries and two cavalry regiments in two brigades, and the Prussians had six infantry battalions of varying quality from line through Landwehr, two artillery batteries and two squadrons of light horse.

GdB is organized at the battalion/squadron/battery level.  Infantry battalions usually have between 24 and 40 figures to the unit, while cavalry squadrons are anywhere from 12-48 figures in size.  Gun sections are represented by a gun representing two actual field pieces.  Units are given orders to assault, engage, hold, or withdraw (among others) and can only perform certain things within the confines of their orders.  Commanders are represented and affect morale, melee, and orders change.  The sequence of play is determine initiative, conduct compulsory moves from last turn (retreats/routs for example),change orders, declare charges, move fire, melee, and check morale. Since the rules are fairly new to us we decided on a meeting engagement to give it good test. The French are moving down the road when the Prussians show up to cut the road and take the village.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Wilson Graphic Battle Mat

I recently became the proud parent of a Wilson Graphic Battle Mat to use for Star Wars X-Wing, Star Trek Attack Wing, and the soon to be released Star Wars Armada.  These high quality mats are printed on heavy duty canvas and available through Etsy.  Wilson Graphic's has nine different space themed battle mats available for purchase.  The one I ended up getting was called Blue Tempest.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Aliens M41a Pulse Rifle

Hudson with his M41a Pulse Rifle
After putting together my Dredd outfit I figured I wanted to do something cool but not quite as hot and uncomfortable (Ed. - Pun intended?).  I saw some of the guys on the Dredd Facebook page had done Aliens Colonial Marines, so I decided to try to make a pulse rifle.  I figured that would be the hardest part, so if I could do that, I could do the rest.

I was not going to obsess over this piece.  I wanted to go for about 75% movie accuracy.  I think getting close to the shape will be enough to remind people of this almost 30 year old movie.  I explored around the web and asked a few people about how to approach this.  I found that there were two practical options for me: Nerf and Foam.

I first gravitated toward the Nerf options - seems I could actually make it fire!  I saw some really good work on the web and came up with a parts list.  This is when I learned that some specific Nerf guns are VERY sought after and expensive.  I was looking at spending upward of $100 on parts for a gun.  I decided to look elsewhere.

I found some people had made the gun out of craft foam.  I felt like I had the confidence to make this based on all the work I did with this material previously.  I found a fairly good looking line drawing of the rifle and used my computer to size it to where it felt "right".  The plan was to cut out the basic shape on EVA foam floor mats and glue them together.  I initially thought I would use three mats, but the thickness of two seemed ok.

I cut out the basic shapes making sure to flip the template over so that I could put the textured side in the middle.  The two mats felt pretty floppy, so I decided to use a tip from Rebel Jack Cosplay and put in a wooden strip down the middle to strengthen the gun.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Android Netrunner: Economy Study --- Basics


The New NooB Revue is back...and this time its not about a new Datapack for Android Netrunner by Fantasy Flight Games. This time we are going to take a closer look at some of the concepts and cards that make these concepts/themes "click" in Android Netrunner. We will look at all the cards that have been released up through "The Source" and see how some of the older cards, that might have been overlooked for the shiny of the new cards, hold up.  So join me as I share the musings of an "experienced" noob...hopefully these things I have learned can help you avoid some of the errors I made early on. 

Credits controls EVERYTHING you do in Netrunner. Without it, you can't advance agendas, let alone rez ICE to protect them. You can't even score the dreaded triple Scorched Earth to flatline the Runner because you couldn't pay the cost to use those operations. Now, what are the different ways that you can make money for the Corp. I have broken this down into 6 main concepts:

Monday, January 19, 2015

LotR LCG Deck List: Grima's Time to Shine!

When playing a cooperative game like LotR:LCG there's an unspoken agreement that each of the players will work with each other toward the completion of the quest. No player will actively try to sabotage another, since the players will either win as a group or fail as a group. That said, there's a certain deck archetype (of which I am a fan) that pushes this social contract to its limit.

I don't know what it is, but for some reason I have always been drawn toward using the Grima hero card. I think part of it has to do with my loathing of not having enough resources to pay for cards in my hand, so I'll rarely think twice about taking the threat hit if it means being able to play a card. Unfortunately, while the only player I need to keep happy in solo play is myself, in multi-player my companions quickly grow weary of my, ummm... 'audacity' with regard to the threat tracker. 

Having enjoyed the Grima hero card so much I've actually gone back into the books and searched for any sort of moral justification for my affection for Grima. The evidence is slight, but my friends have gotten used to me saying that Grima isn't necessarily evil, just "misunderstood". Many players probably are completely put-off by his ability, but just as in the books I believe his hero card is simply misunderstood. Let's take a look at making Grima work in multi-player.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Warhammer Conquest LCG: The Scourge - Warlord Review

The spoilers have been fast and furious for the Conquest LCG, which is probably a good thing at this point in the game's life: player's deserve to see that every faction is being given its due attention. That said, it can make review articles a little redundant, especially since we've waited until after the pack is actually available in stores/online. But I'm too pumped about the new warlord to sit back and not give my thoughts, so let's dive in and take a look!

Fantasy Flight's most recent Conquest release, titled The Scourge, has given us a new warlord for the Chaos faction, known as Ku'Gath Plaguefather ("Plaguefather" is such a Germanic word, isn't it?).

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